Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hello fellow readers

You might be wondering what is this blog. Well, this blog is dedicated to a story that have been in my mind for quite sometime, and I have decided to finally put it out as a blog. This blog will not be updated regularly, since this is a blog for me to put out all my boredom hehe. This blog will be fully in English, but be warned that my grammar isn't exactly the best, since I'm not that good in grammar.

The story is about a boy who played a MMORPG game. The online game is called "Blademasters Online". As you can tell, all the weapons in this game consists of blades (and some projectiles as in throwing knifes, not bows and arrows). When a player logs in into the game, the players will not be able to log out, unless someone finishes the game. The rest of the story will be explained via the story itself.

Well yes, I do admit that the story itself is like an adaptation from Sword Art Online. Not only that, you will also be able to find some reference to other animes or mangas. To be honest, I'm not that good in coming up with my own idea for a story. If there are anything close to anything at all;

DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything in this story that might take reference to other things, except for the story itself

Well, without further ado, happy reading :D


  1. wow, somehow this story reminds me of sword arts online O_O

  2. Well the background is like SAO, but it's story will be different later on