Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chapter 1: The Bug


The very same question that is stuck on my mind every single day in here. What does it mean? I don't know yet. With all the blood I shed and all the fight to survive, I'm still clueless to answer this. To be honest, I don't know anything in this world, except for one thing. This game is the fight for survival.

"Today is a big day for every single Japanese gamer. After launching the BrainStorm, the virtual reality game platform, Himitsu Corporation is ready to release it's first game for the BrainStorm, Blademasters Online. Every game store is packed with gamers from all over Japan, awaiting the release of this game. The head of Himitsu Corporation, Mr. Himitsu Akira, said in the press conference that Blademasters Online will push the boundaries of gaming beyond our recognition. I'm Miyako Manaka reporting from Akihabara-", I closed the tab of my internet browser after that news report.

"Good thing I pre-ordered this game. So much for a neet to be able to get this game. At least I still have time before the next university entrance tests begins.", I said to myself. Soon after, I layed down on my bed preparing to boot up Blademasters Online on my BrainStorm.

"Here we go", I said before starting the game. My whole vision turned black and before I knew it, Himitsu Corporation's logo showed up, followed by an opening of the game. The opening itself was pretty decent as it showcases the world of Blademasters Online. Soon after, I was on the loading screen.

I was greeted by a sound asking, "Will you fight for honor, or fight for your life? Welcome to Blademasters Online, warrior. You will be directed to the create-a-warrior screen". The create-a-warrior screen is pretty simple. You're simply asked for your in-game username and pick a class for your warrior. I wrote down my username by using the virtual keyboard right in front of me. Extorsion. Yes, this is the username I used on pretty much every other game I played.

"Please select a class", the same voice commands me. There were 4 classes:
  • Defender: A class that highly relies on strength. This class is able to use longswords and backswords
  • Fencer: A class that relies mostly on dexterity of the user. This class is able to use broadswords and rapiers
  • Rogue: A class that relies mostly on the user's reaction. This class is able to use katanas and sabres
  • Assassin: A class that relies mostly on agility. This class is able to use butterfly swords and daggers
I chose the assassin class pretty much on any other RPG games, so I went for it on this one too. I am then redirected to the character creation screen. The character creation screen basically lets you create the character you will be using in the game. There were thousands of combination that you can use for your character, but I stick to what I usually use; jet black spiked hair and moderate body build with no accessories.

After creating my character, I was sent to a loading screen to the game. The first sight I saw was a beautiful city. It's something sort of like what you get in the medieval ages, but it just simply looks elegant. As I looked up, I saw a sign saying 'Welcome to Beginner's Town'. Well, we all started somewhere. I talked to a nearby NPC. That NPC turns out to be a quest giver.

The quest was pretty simple, I was to accompany him to gather some apples. On the way there, we were attacked by a bunch of rabbits. The NPC told me that I was given a basic weapon to use from the start of the game. I opened my inventory menu and saw that I was given a 'Basic Assassin Set'. I opened that set and it gave me 2 daggers and some throwing knives, including their holsters. So I used them and start attacking back to the rabbits which attacked us. The controls was a lot different from what we get from regular games, since this is a virtual reality game. I was able to do some combos, but I was hit by one of the rabbit's attacks. I do feel some pain, but it isn't something I would worry about, since my HP bar was still 9/10.

After quite a while battling those rabbits, I did manage to kill them all and finished the quest from the NPC. I liked the idea where you were given a tutorial by a mission as it simply give you quite some instinct of what to expect in this game. I was given some GP (game points), which was the currency of this game.

I checked the time which was on my menu screen. It was getting kinda late, and I have to wake up early tomorrow to visit a university's open house. I decide to log out. There was one problem. I can't log out.

Well, that was quite a first chapter for me to write. I do realize that my English isn't so good and I do have problems in making names haha. Please do write a feedback to me about my writing. If you like this story, be sure to subscribe. Sharing this story will really help me. Thank you for reading!

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